Pupils in Year's 8&9 took part in a litter pick with the @Tidy Towns Team' on the 9th of June. The pupils volunteered to take part in the litter pick and in an Eco day in July in the Brecon Beacons mountain Center. For the volunteers who didn't get through this time another litter pick will be held in the Autumn term. Many thanks to all those who helped! 
On 7 September a number of pupils went up to Asda's to help take part in a litter pick for 'Keep Wales Tidy'. Well Done to all involved!
The Eco Council have decided to hold three Eco Days in July:
(a)    Year 7 Eco Day - 15 July;
(b)    Year 8 Eco Day - 10 July;
(c)    Year 9 Eco Day - 11 July.
There is a free trip on offer for each day, the links for the locations for the trips are opposite. We have also had support from the Community Officer at Asda and the Tidy Towns Team of Merthyr Tydfil. 



The Eco Council has carried out a full environmental review of the school.
A summary of the findings -


·         Some windows need updating.

·         The boiler system needs updating.

·         Next year the Eco Council could look into solar           power for the school.


·         Continue with staff patrolling especially outside           the canteen.

·         Queried bins by the sports field?

·         Need to maintain a focus on litter through                      assemblies.

·         Maybe a regular volunteered litter pick for                  pupils.

Waste minimization/recycling

·         Need to remind form classes to recycle and                 gather materials in an organised fashion.

·         Need to encourage the use of recycled paper              and books further.


·         Toilets could be updated to use less water.

In April 2013 the Eco Council visited Ikea to select appropriate recycling bins as some of the class rooms need new bins. This was a successful trip and hopefully we will soon be purchasing new bins for the class rooms.  

The Eco Council have decided to try and increase the amount of recycling that is carried out and so announcements will now be made every Wednesday to remind form classes. 

The Eco council have also collated the results from the school assemblies. We have noticed that there is a need to improve the awareness of Eco Schools. Here is a picture of the assembly taking place. 
 In March 2013 the Eco Council met and decided on a winning logo. This was a joint effort between Ethan Evans and Kimberley Hunter in Year 11.
We would like to say a big well done to them and thank all the pupils who entered the competition.

The Eco Council have also arranged a number of assemblies where each pupil will be able to have a say on which areas the Eco Council now targets. 
In April 2012 new outdoor bins arrived in school.
This is thanks to the generous donation of half the proceeds raised during 'Canu for a Cure' along with support from Communities First. These bins have been placed around the school site based on where pupils felt bins were needed.
In July 2012 year 9 girls visited Greenfield's school with completed gardening items. The girls worked extremly hard to bird houses, dream catchers and a bug hotel. 

In September 2011 Year 9 girls were selected to build gardening items that can be used by pupils at Greenfield School. The girls have visited the school to gather ideas from members of staff and to meet with pupils to see what they will find useful.
The girls now have a number of projects that they are keen to start constructing.



On the 1 July 2011 Afon Tâf received it's second International Green Flag assessment. The assessor was 'very impressed by the whole school's enthusiasm for the Eco-Schools programme and the level of staff and pupil involvement with environmental issues'. The school were delighted to receive it's second Green Flag award. Our next assessment will be in two years time. 



At the end of the summer term 2011 the Year 9 girls, along with help from Sam Alyward (Year 12) and
Mr John Davies (Facilities Manager), completed the
2-litre bottle greenhouse. The greenhouse is now able to be used by pupils at the school.



 In April 2011, Emma Winter (chairperson of Eco-committee) and Amelia Cullen (vice chairperson of Eco-committee) organised a fundraising evening. 'Canu for a Cure' took place on Thursday 14 April at Afon Tâf High School. The evening was in memory of Mr Eveleigh, a teacher from Afon Tâf High School who died last year after battling cancer. Half the proceeds from the event went towards MacMillan Cancer and the other half went towards the work of the Eco-committee. Thank you to all who took part and attended the event to help raise money for these causes.



In January 2011, Year 9 girls started working on a project to build a greenhouse out of 2-litre bottles.
The greenhouse can then be used by pupils working at the allotments. The girls are still working hard to collect the 2000 bottles that are needed.

The photograph shows the girls who are working on the project when we went to Funtazia Day Nursery to see an existing greenhouse and what to aim for. Please can all Afon Tâf pupils remember to bring their bottles to school in return for house points.

Since September 2010 pupils from the prevent programme have worked with Rebecca Williams (PREVENT Officer) to build an allotment on the school site. Pupils have worked alongside 'Tidy Towns' to clear a large area.
Pupils are now working on their gardening skills to be able to grow vegetables.


On 23 March 2010, 3 pupils from the Eco-committee attended the Wales Youth Eco-Forum at Siambwr Hywel (the Wales youth debating chamber).
It was a chance for Afon Tâf to share ideas with other secondary schools around Wales. The pupils attended three workshops, were told inspirational stories from around the world and got to listen to
Jane Davidson’s (Minister for the environment, sustainability and housing) ideas on the future of Wales before asking questions. The day provided pupils with ideas of how to further Eco-school achievements.

 Please click on the link and complete the Eco School questionnaire.